Your friendly travel agency

Srijaa Travels, one of the reputed travel agencies in southern India, was started back in the year 2005 by the humble Mr. Kannabiran. During the initial years, we extended our services exclusively to the corporate companies in Chennai. We were proud sub-contractors who were responsible for helping the corporate employees safely reach their office and back home after work.

Our hard work and honest effort persuaded the corporate companies to strongly trust Srijaa Travels. Due to this, we were promoted as the main-contractor for the companies. The momentum helped us to expand our service to multiple corporate companies in the city. But our growth wasn’t hindered there.

Due to the company’s unique selling proposition of providing quality travel solutions at cost effective price, Srijaa Travels received service requests from the tourism industry. With hope, energy and support, Mr. Kannabiran expanded the company’s services to tourism in the year 2011. And it was a success!

Currently, apart from the specialised corporate service, we offer a wide spectrum of travel services which include:

We also handle government projects like Election Duty.

16 years of our journey in this field has made us a trustworthy company. HCL, TCS, Winnergy, Lyca and Tata are some companies we currently work with.

Srijaa Travels is looking forward to continue on its successful course as it moves dynamically into future, setting as its goal the development of network and the expansion of activities.